After our personal experience with building two tiny homes and a guest house and interviewing other tiny homeowners, we’ve come to realize just how important it is to really know yourself.  What is most important to you. What your “big why” is for deciding to live a tiny home lifestyle.

As answers to these questions directly impact how you will not only design your tiny home from the inside out, but also what type of tiny home is right for you.  

Things like do you plan to move your tiny home often?  How long do you see yourself in your tiny home? Is this a time in your life where this is more a retirement plan and your “final” homestead? Are you more interested in traveling and if so, where will you park your home along the way? And so on… 

Here at Living Tiny In Style, our joy and love is in creating tiny home living spaces that uplift our soul, bring us joy, and do not diminish the comforts and aesthetics because we have chosen tiny home living.  In short, we want our home to illicit the JOY in our heart with comforts and luxury of a home that speaks to our soul. 

We believe one can live tiny and not have to sacrifice what is most important to ourselves. To surround ourselves with the beauty and luxury our heart’s desire while living a simpler and more fulfilling life. 
And living tiny inherently promotes a more minimalist lifestyle, less belongings fit in a tiny home, and our focus is that we can balance this with a home that we truly love and brings joy, too. 

You’ll see this theme through out this entire website, blog, and especially in our luxury rentals.  
To get you started on creating your own luxury tiny home, here’s a few of our favorite highly functional and aesthetically pleasing items that we have come to love in our tiny homes. 

We hope that this sparks your creative juices and gets you started on your own luxury tiny home creation. Please note, we lovingly put together this list of items for you. For any item(s) you purchase, we do receive a small yet appreciated commission from Amazon when you use our links below. Please know, we only include items that we have personally purchased and love, and feel compelled to share with others passionate about luxury tiny home living. 


Some may think that I am an organizing fanatic, but the truth is that I do it solely for the “in the moment” joy day to day that comes from living in a space that FEELS joyful, peaceful, open, and filled with light. 

I often say, I organize for the one purpose to create a life where I get to enjoy living in the moment.   

One of the most important facets in setting up a tiny home for ease of living, beauty and luxury, and to have a high-function space is how you utilize and organize your tiny home.

Whether it is for your own personal joy and living or for a business rental, these items will help you ensure that your tiny home is welcoming, comfortable, and provide a sense of daily ease. 

Here’s just a few of our favorites to get you started in organizing and setting up your tiny home.


Just getting started in establishing a tiny home rental? Want to discuss how to learn how to buy a tiny home and rent it? Contact me below to set up a private tiny home consultation. First time consultations save $100. Get your most burning questions answered and determine your next steps for getting started. 

Interested in working together to establish a longer term tiny home purchase / rental plan, ask me about my tiny home consultation packages, schedule a consultation today to discuss. 


Tiny home consulting session cover topics such as: 

  • starting a tiny home rental business 
  • where to get started with building/owning a tiny home
  • how to design your tiny home lifestyle to fit your needs and desires 
  • challenges you may be coming up with during your tiny home process 
  • next steps for getting started or moving forward 
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About Consultant

Tiny Home Investor, Interior Designer, and Consultant

Debby is passionate about luxury tiny home interior design and organization for beauty, comfort, and joy.

She owns three luxury tiny homes, which on average earn rental income of $3,500 – $5,000 depending upon season and time of the year. 

Debby has been a business consultant for over 20 years, primarily with entrepreneurs supporting them to establish and build purposeful businesses with an emphasis and focus on business strategy, organization, growth, and life balance.

Her tiny home business  provides the freedom she desires to enjoy the luxury tiny home lifestyle, travel, and to live in nature year-round, where she enjoys summers in the mountains and the ocean in the winters.

Debby also offers tiny home interior design and organization services, tiny home consults, and offers DIY courses on how to generate income renting your own tiny home.